Refurbished Gearboxes

Which is better? Refurbished gearboxes or replaced?

The gearbox in a vehicle is one of the most important parts, especially when it comes to the gear ratio. The better the gear ratio the better the wheels can move at different levels and powers as well as the overall vehicle. Here are some advantages of getting refurbished gearboxes:

Improved Performance

One obvious advantage of refurbished gearboxes is that it allows you to return your vehicle to its overall operating function and in turn get the most enjoyment from your car or van. By refurbishing your gearbox you can be sure that it is working and well and not having a negative effect on any other parts of your vehicle.

refurbished gearboxes


Although refurbishing a gearbox might be costly, it is much more cost effective than investing in a replacement. By identifying what issues there are with your gearbox, you can catch them before they cause major issues and in turn give your current gearbox a new lease of life.

Time Taken

A gearbox replacement can take well over a week for you to receive. However, with a refurbished gearbox can take a matter of days to amend and in turn can be returned to you faster. This gets you back on the road quicker and for those who rely on their vehicle for their business the downtime can be kept to a minimum.

How to know if I need my gearbox refurbished?

There are a number of reasons why a gearbox might need to get refurbished. For example:

  • If your transmission fluid is leaking
  • If your vehicle is making unusual noises
  • If it is hard to change gear or keep your vehicle in gear
  • If the check engine light is displayed
  • If you can smell burning transmission fluid